Tailor made search and selection finalized to Candidates’ hiring.

Selection 4.0 search and selection process is based on:

The process starts with an in depth analysis of the company’s environment (sector, organisation, structure, culture, values, mission, vision), job description, job profile and the definition of the selection process.
Selection 4.0 Consultants believe that a continuous feedback exchange with Customer can improve the delivery process.

During the first meeting, new ideas and best solutions are identified by having a productive comparison.

Research phase utilizes different tools as:

  • Applicant Tracking System, CRM and next generation semantic engine;
  • Selection 4.0 network;
  • Multiposting on the best international job boards;
  • Professional social networks.
The selection is composed by:

  • CV screening;
  • Phone interview;
  • Structured face to face interview (verification of technical and personal expertise, reasons for change of position and suitability);
  • Test (soft and hard skills);
  • Project’s presentation to the Candidates;
  • References check, career’s truthfulness and web reputation control (CV verified).
Towards the end of the shortlist, a pool of candidates are selected depending on the firm requirements.

The Candidates are presented with their CV, a personal and professional evaluation, reasons for change of position, their motivation to the Company’s position and their salary package.

Support is provided if requested during the interviews at Customer’s offices.

Selection 4.0 Consultants believe that a continuous support to both Client and Candidate during the choice step, negotiating and offering is essential for a successful project.

Follow-up: during the trial period both Customer and Candidate’s feedback are verified in order to maintain a professional expectation.


The head hunting process allows to find all the available talented Candidates in a specific sector.

Process’ phases, in respect of privacy, consider:

  • In depth study and analyses of reference point market and leader companies;

  • Sharing with Customer’s Management of project specifics (job description, definition of target competitors list, company’s culture and values, vision, organizational chart, operational Team, role impact within the organization, career’s perspectives);

  • Direct search of all the Candidates with the correct skills for realising the perfect match with Customer’s needs through business intelligence activity;

  • References check, career’s truthfulness and web reputation control (CV verified);

  • Shortlist presentation of validated Candidates by the agreed deadlines;

  • Customer and Candidate support during the hiring phase;

  • Feedback return to all the Candidates involved in the selection process;

  • Follow-up with both Client and Candidate for verifying the fulfilment of professional expectations.


We are committed to supporting Managers and Organisations through strengthening of leadership. A Strategic Coach can help a leader to identify skills to be developed, key strengths, and strategies for improvement.

Our purpose is to maximize performance by helping to reach the peak potential. The purpose of Strategic Coaching involves developing leadership, creating self-discipline, building a self-belief system, creating motivation, and improving self-awareness through different types of coaching methods and approach.

We provide Business Coaching for Middle e Top Manager who:

  • have reached a turning point in their careers and wish to explore their fullest potential, as well as broaden their perceptive-reactive system and relationship skills in order to define new objectives;
  • wish to raise awareness of their funcional and disfunctional behaviours in order to get to success;
  • need working on their leadership style and team management skills to strenghten engagement and face change.

We provideTeam Coaching for Teams who:

  • are facing important challenges or ambitious projects;
  • need improving interpersonal relationships as well as efficient communication to boost decision making processes;
  • need managing conflicts or complex situations;
  • need finding shared objectives.


Temporary Management is the perfect tool for taking high level competences within the Company and enhancing employees’ skills.

It’s the best solution for:

  • Sorting a business unit for a sale;

  • A strategic change or a turnaround;

  • New branches or new market openings;

  • Management of transition periods;

  • Coaching of the Company’s Managers;

  • Creation of a new production line;

  • Creation and development of IT Systems;

  • Supply chain implementation;

  • Improvement from standard to lean manufacturing;

  • Definition of new finance processes.

The Temporary Manager is a Senior Project Manager, ex Top Manager or Executive, with oversized skills than the assigned task. He can achieve the appointed goals in short times, operating in a surgical way and at the end of his mission he leaves the Company.

The missions can last from 6 months to 2 years, with a vertical part-time formula worked on-site.

Selection 4.0 can boast a partnership with leading Temporary Management Associations and can select the best Professionals in the market who can operate worldwide.


The Mapping is a tool that permits to take a clear picture of the reference market in which the Company works in a specific moment.

By using precise techniques it is possible to:

  • Get in contact with all the Candidates holding a given position among competitors;

  • Benchmark of the salary policies;

  • Recreate organizational charts;

  • Know which is the company reputation in the reference market;

All these information help the Client Company to understand objectively their positioning and in case, to reconsider their strategy.

The Mapping process is independent by search and selection process that could be considered as an option.


The Customers are supported during the international phase by the Consultants professionalism and the contacts’ global network.

The global network of contacts and the international markets knowledge can help to:

Search and select everywhere Managers able to develop new business or to strengthen existing branches.

This highly innovative process, is based on the analysis of international markets and the use of the best job boards and professional social media.

The standard of as yet utilized processes are completely redefined, aligning delivery times for local and international projects.

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